Using Solar to Power Experiential Marketing

Sep 5, 2023

As concern grows about the impact of fossil fuels on our environment, solar is increasingly recognized as a sustainable energy option. At Turtle Transit, clients are asking how to integrate solar into the experiential marketing vehicles we fabricate. Companies care about their environmental impact—as do their audiences—as do we!

The outdoor company, L.L. Bean, which has long focused on sustainability and minimizing their environmental impact, is increasingly using mobile retail trailers to take their products—and brand—to their audiences. The most recent vehicle we built for them, when in use as a retail trailer, is primarily powered by a solar panel system instead of a gas generator.

The trailer is traveling to colleges and festivals to reach key audiences where they are. Youth, of course, are very invested in supporting environmental sustainability. L.L. Bean’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and combat climate change is a win-win!

Another client, Dell Computers, used solar for running four glass-box trucks we fabricated in 2022. Each vehicle has six large panels that run the electronic systems embedded in the Dell Tech Tour Rally. The Dell Tech Tour trucks travel around the United States and Canada as a product showcase on wheels, providing customers a fun, interactive view of their latest offerings, at locations near them. Learn more about how solar powers the Dell Tech Tour vehicles and check out the Tech Tour schedule to see when they will be in your area.

As more companies look to sustainable solutions for their marketing and audience engagement, Turtle Transit is helping pave the way to use renewable energy, like solar, to power experiential marketing activations.


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