L.L. Bean Retail Trailer


Fabricate a retail trailer for L.L. Bean mobile sales, powered by solar panels


B2C, Custom Displays, Custom Trailers, Graphic Wraps, Retail Displays, Trade Shows and Exhibits

After a very successful five-year tour, L.L. Bean approached us to recreate and update their retail trailer. We built an all-new trailer to serve as a moveable retail outlet, complete with retail shelving, a cash wrap, and portable display wall for their iconic duck boots. A custom shoelace bar also actively engages customers around selecting the colors and style of shoelace.

In keeping with L.L. Bean’s focus on sustainability, for this new tour we bracketed six solar panels to the roof. The solar panels run the electronics system inside the trailer when it’s parked. Given unpredictable weather, however, the retail trailer does include a small back-up generator, so that they can maintain their schedule even in the face of days of rain and snow.  

The majority of the electronics in the trailer is low-voltage to run off the solar system without drawing significant electricity, and allows them to use a smaller generator when needed.

To increase audience engagement and visibility, the new retail trailer is pulled by the L.L. Bean Bootmobile, also built by Turtle!

Solar panels on top of a new LL Bean truck built by Turtle Transit.


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