Dell Tech Tour Rally


Build four trucks that evoke high-tech design for the DELL Computer Tech Tour Rally


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Today, if customers can’t go to a tech store to test out Dell’s new products, Dell will come to them with its Dell Technologies Tour truck. To help drive sales, Dell Computers has a traveling product showcase filled with the latest gear for people to learn about and gain hands-on experience testing.

When Dell was looking to develop four vehicles for its Tech Tour, Turtle Transit stepped up to fabricate them. Starting from a simple truck cab and frame rails, we built each truck body from the ground up, designing them to look like a strapped-on vintage container.

One side is glass, and coated with a film that can shift from white (obscuring the technology inside), to clear, with the flick of a switch once on location, enabling customers to see the latest products within.

Inside we built shelves and cabinets to house the various products, from computer drives to gaming laptops and large monitors. The walls and cabinets are high-end finished cabinetry . Everything is designed to allow access to update the products as necessary when the technology changes.

Each truck is fully wired with a generator as back-up and has a full solar system to power the products for days on end. 

Learn more, including where the Dell Tech Tour will be the summer of 2023.


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