Extermination Van for “Mrs. Davis” TV Show


Create a mobile marketing vehicle designed to look like a van in a television show


B2C, Graphic Wraps, Marketing Vehicles, Photo Ops and Gaming

When the Peacock Channel was launching a new television show, “Mrs. Davis,” they were looking to make a splash when the series premiered at SxSW. The show features a nun, as well as a bug exterminator who band together. So the Peacock marketing team turned to Turtle Transit to build a dynamic mobile marketing van based on one used in the show.

The van was a leased Turtle Transit vehicle, on which we hand-crafted the large 8’ long cockroach, first building a steel frame and then carving a hard-foam roach, which we painted and mounted on the roof. We worked hand-in-hand with the client to design the exterior van wrap.

After fabricating the vehicle in just two weeks, we delivered the van to Austin for the show’s launch at SxSW—the marketing around the show included models dressed as nuns emerging from the van we built.

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