Mobile Marketing a Win at SxSW

Mar 24, 2023

Fans at South by Southwest (SxSW) were amazed to see four nuns emerge from a cockroach extermination van. It was all part of a new marketing effort linked to the new Peacock series, Mrs. Davis, and even in a busy event like South by Southwest, it caught people’s attention!

The eye-catching vehicle was created when Turtle Transit was tasked with building a promotional vehicle that resembles one from the show, Mrs. Davis, including an 8’ long cockroach on the van roof.

The in-house team at Turtle worked with the client to design the graphic wrap and the roof art. The roach was built on a steel frame and then carved free-hand into a rigid foam sculpture, ensuring that the sculpture can withstand highway speeds.

Turtle then transported the leased vehicle from our studio in Hudson, MA, to Austin in time for SxSW.

Whether you need help with your mobile marketing (nuns not included!), or just a simple wrap on a leased vehicle, Turtle Transit can help you achieve your most creative ideas.

Learn more about the project.


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