Refreshing and Enhancing Existing Experiential Marketing Projects

Oct 18, 2023

We’ve had several vehicles, developed as experiential marketing projects, return to the shop this month. 

Many clients come in thinking that they must buy a new vehicle outright and will then be saddled with a product that quickly becomes dated as branded marketing concepts change. Not so!

At Turtle Transit we have a stable of vehicles available for lease (as well as purchase, of course) which enable clients to develop a short-term marketing activation—and return the vehicle to our shop when the marketing opportunity is over.

Recently, a teardrop trailer we developed and built about five years ago was used for the Mountain Dew Purple Thunder Tour. The same trailer has now come back to us for a revamp for a different marketing campaign. Today, we are swapping out the wrap, adding some embellishments, and soon a new brand activation will hit the road for Pepsi Zero.

Another client, Onsite 2020, also just brought back one of four RVs we have built for their work taking vision care to businesses and under-served inner cities. We repaired the RV body where needed, replaced some of the hydraulics, gave it a new, fresh exterior wrap, and tidied up the interior.

Cars and trucks are built to go the distance. Turtle Transit can help you refresh, enhance, or upgrade your older mobile marketing vehicles to give them a new life and continue on their journey, helping your brand engage your target audiences through effective experiential marketing.


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