Building Vehicles to Drive Vision Services to Underserved Communities

Feb 1, 2023

Recently, our client 20/20 Onsite optometry made the news, taking their fleet of custom-designed buses to Boston public schools to provide school kids in need with vision services.

20/20 Onsite’s mission is to go the extra mile to make high-quality vision care more accessible, creating healthier and happier communities. Turtle Transit has worked with 20/20 Onsite since the beginning, building their first mobile vision center in 2014.

Turtle Transit has built six high-end mobile vision centers for 20/20 Onsite, the first organization to deliver eye exams through mobile vision centers.

Delivering eye care services to urban schools, 20/20 Onsite wanted to break down the obstacles that many families face in accessing vision healthcare services, by taking care to where children are located – schools.

Turtle partnered closely with 20/20 Onsite to determine how to model the buses after doctors offices. “We had to consider the specific space needed for full eye exams, including the appropriate distance for reading eye charts, and space for glasses displays, and how that would all work in a bus,” noted James Riseborough, Turtle Transit President. 

As the vehicle would travel from site to site around the country, all the fragile eye exam equipment as well as chairs needed to be mounted and well secured. Generators for power, housed under the floor, with heat and AC, were also needed as the buses would run in all seasons.

While Turtle Transit has customized seven RVs for 20/20 Onsite, some are customized for urban curb-side mobile visits, while others include a 10’ x 30” bump-out on the side of the RV, which enables more space for sitting and display areas.

Today, the seven 20/20 Onsite vehicles are supporting vision care with more than 450 corporations across several cities, and this year, in urban schools as well. Turtle Transit is proud to partner with 20/20 Onsite as they deliver important eye-care to people in underserved communities as well as where they work.


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