Realizing a Hotel Vision: Creating The Verb Backstage Trailers

Apr 11, 2023

The Verb Hotel wanted to take advantage of it’s unique location next to Fenway Park, while increasing it’s number of rooms and building on it’s reputation as a hip, music-oriented hotel. They envisioned trailers, outfitted as high-end luxury hotel rooms, modeled on band tour buses, to meet their goals. 

When the client approached us with their initial designs, based on Airstream trailers, we worked closely together to plan every aspect of what it would mean to turn an Airstream into a hotel room. Issues quickly arose, from headspace to clearances and the materials used during fabrication. Turtle was able to bring the vision of the Verb team and their architects and ground it in reality of what could be built to Boston’s exacting building code. 

While many of our projects are intended for a two-to-three year promotional campaign lifespan, building permanent hotel rooms that can withstand Boston weather, from harsh winters to driving rainstorms and high heat, was a significant challenge. Furthermore, every detail, inside and out, needed to evoke high-end luxury, while maintaining a rock ’n roll vibe that is Verb. 

Turtle Transit was up to the task.

After an iterative design process with the architect, managers, and Turtle Transit staff, plans were finalized and Turtle built a scale-model prototype so everyone could clearly see how the trailers would look.

Once the model was approved, the body fabrication started with a welded steel frame, with an aluminum skin. 

We initially built nine trailers, and a final tenth trailer, fully ADA compliant, rounded out the job. From the chrome details inside and out, and radiant heat to a rainfall shower, the trailers evoke luxury.

“Luckily, our fabrication shop is large enough to accommodate such a large, multi-piece build. Our technicians were able to move from unit to unit as each was completed,” noted James Riseborough, Turtle Transit founder and president.

“Working with a hotel group is challenging because of their exacting attention to detail. Partnering with Turtle, where we really care about those details, made for a perfect relationship,” says Riseborough.

Each trailer tells a unique story, weaving together rock influences with the vibe of a classic American road trip. As the Boston summer concert season gears up, the Verb Backstage Trailers, already counting rock bands and other music aficionados among it’s many guests, are ready for more. Learn more about the project.

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