Backstage Trailers at Verb Hotel


Expand the number of luxury hotel rooms in a Boston music-themed hotel.


B2C, Custom Trailers

When the Verb Hotel wanted to expand and upgrade its room capacity while continuing its hip, music-based vibe, the management team conceived of installing Airstream trailers as hotel rooms in its parking lot. Airstreams, however, do not meet hotel room regulation specs – nor fit a king-size bed! Recognizing this roadblock, Verb turned to Turtle Transit to custom-build ten first-class luxury trailers that evoked glamping and a life-on-the-road vibe, while being able to withstand winter in Boston.

Each of the ten trailers was custom built from scratch and, of course, met Boston’s stringent building codes.

Internally, each trailer is well insulated and paneled. To ensure against leaks, the roof is one-piece of fiberglass, preventing water from ever seeping in through a seam, even as the trailer ages in place.

To combat Boston winters, Turtle Transit plumbers added radiant heat under the floorboards and each trailer is equipped with full AC and LED lighting throughout.

One trailer is fully ADA-compliant, with wider doors and a bathroom built for wheelchair access.

With the attention to detail required for luxury hotel rooms, Turtle Transit customized the ceiling design with anodized aluminum and padded leatherette center panels and LED lights, built-in shelves and couches, the kitchenette and rainfall shower and separate commode.


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