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When brainstorming with our client, it became clear that they were looking for a fun way to engage kids, while promoting Wholly Guacamole snack cups as “fun” food! To meet this goal, Turtle converted a school bus into an experience promoting guacamole. Our challenge was working within the tight confines of a school bus; how to make the space comfortable and fun without feeling overly crowded.

We collaborated with the Wholly Guacamole team on the interior and exterior wrap design and then printed and installed the wrap, ensuring a seamless brand imagery inside and out.

The bus not only includes a sampling station (and refrigerators to keep the produce chilled), but to up the fun component, there is a grab machine in a play area and an avocado chair and poster for photo ops. From the back door hangs an inflatable slide, which propels kids into a ball pit from the emergency door.

We build each customized component, from the avocado chair (plywood and fiberglass) to the grab machine.

The Guaclandia flip-up sign on the roof was designed to lay flat until the bus is parked, when it could be flipped up from its hinged base. An LED neon sign adds an effective element for attracting crowds.

Read the press release on the Guaclandia launch: The Makers of the WHOLLY GUACAMOLE® Brand Bring One-of-a-Kind Avocado Exhibit to Seattle


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