Voya Financial’s Vern Mascot


Support the Voya advertising campaign with a supersized sculpture of the brand mascot, Vern the origami rabbit


Graphic Wraps, Outdoor Exhibits, Photo Ops and Gaming

People know the Voya Financial origami rabbit and squirrel logos – they’re a core component of their “Orange Money” advertising campaign. When they wanted an oversized version of their origami bunny, Vern the Rabbit, to go on tour and end up at their corporate HQ, they called us.

The project provided many challenges, not least was how to make the large, freestanding piece look like origami. We built the 7ft marketing sculpture with folded aluminum sheeting covered in a graphic wrap of orange money, to complement the advertising campaign. 

Vern traveled to Voya offices in various cities where it became a popular backdrop for brand photo ops before being installed at their headquarters.


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