The Meiomi Home Exhibit


Construct a unique and sophisticated mobile exhibit to create awareness and drive consumer interest in select Meiomi wines


Outdoor Exhibits, Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

Turtle Transit was tasked with creating a unique and sophisticated outdoor installation to create awareness for Meiomi Wine and its exceptional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from three coastal regions of California.

The Meiomi Home, a 20 X 20 mobile exhibit, was built to resemble a rustic villa in wine country. Turtle Transit constructed the exhibit from portable wood beams that fasten together to create the structure of the home. The exhibit featured an exposed-beam gable roof with a fabric top for outdoor events. The center of the fabric top also included a clear vinyl window that allowed natural light into the exhibit.

The walls were treated with a rustic stucco texture and finished with beadboard wainscoting. Octagon-shaped windows were cut into the wall panels and finished with wood trim and graphic treatments. Custom rough-cut pine doors to enter the Meiomi Home were finished with a dark stain, custom etched with the brand’s logo, and installed onto an iron rolling track with rustic barn door hardware.

The highlight of the exhibit was the center kitchen island for hosting wine tastings. The island was built out of rough-cut pine with a high-end acrylic countertop for serving and featured a custom etched logo treatment – lit by under-counter lighting. The structure of the home was built onto a portable platform and finished with high-grade wood flooring. In addition to the kitchen island, the interior footprint also featured sleek accent lighting, high-end wine refrigerators, and kitchen furnishings.

The Meiomi Home will offer consumers exclusive wine tastings, complete with a guided food demonstration and wine pairings.


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