Snapple Dye Hard Tour


Create a sponsorship activation in conjunction with the brand’s partnership with Manic Panic Hair Color and Cosmetic Company.


B2C, Custom Trailers, Outdoor Exhibits, Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

Snapple partnered with Manic Panic Hair Color and Cosmetic Company to sponsor a national promotional tour to launch a great new product, DYEHARD Temporary Hair Color Styling Gel. Snapple Dye Hard Tour featured a vintage 1961 Globetrotter airstream, retrofitted into a custom traveling barbershop built by Turtle Transit.

Turtle Transit was tasked with creating a whimsical Willy Wonka themed design for the airstream. The trailer, dubbed “Hair Stream,” was crafted with a custom flip-down stage, and finished with bright colorful walls, checkered flooring, vintage barbershop rotating pole lights, and animal skinned salon chairs.

Turtle Transit custom sculpted giant Snapple bottles with Mohawk hairdos and mounted them onto the trailer. Turtle also retrofitted a vintage beach wagon to tow the trailer, and finished the vehicle with a custom sculpted Snapple bottle with custom lighting accents. Manic Panic set up their “Hair-Stream Trailer” as the DYEHARD Barbershop, and offered free wild-styling hairdos across the country. While guests enjoyed their makeover, they were offered a variety of Snapple beverages to sample at the Hair-Stream Trailer. Snapple chugging contests and Mohawk haircuts attracted audiences as large as 50,000 in some cities and generated huge media attention.

Snapple reported more than 70 million PR impressions during the 13 city extravaganza. Turtle Transit was awarded an Ex Award for this mobile marketing


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