Sensodyne Toothpaste Outdoor Exhibit


Fabricate a large external marketing exhibit with education center and brushing stations.


Custom Trailers, Inflatables and Tents, Outdoor Exhibits

Sensodyne was looking for a large footprint exhibit they could take to festivals and other outdoor events to market their products. Turtle Transit built for them a multi-component external exhibit that attracted significant attention wherever it appeared.

Audiences entered the enclosed footprint of the exterior exhibit space through a giant inflatable arch and toothpaste tubes, which welcome people into the 50 x 50 promotional area. The event display area included space for the 48-ft gooseneck trailer which served as an education center at the heart of the display, consultation tents, as well as brushing kiosks with running water and disposal containers. We also built the sinks and brushing kiosks to reflect people’s bathroom sink and mirrors at home.


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