REI Village Lounge


Create hyper-local event experiences that target REI customer to participate in fun outdoor activities, engage in instructional classes, and relax in a mobile lounge.


B2C, Custom Trailers, Outdoor Exhibits, Retail Displays

Turtle Transit collaborated with the REI agency partner to develop a unique mobile experience designed to engage REI customers and outdoor enthusiasts across the country. The REI Village Road Trip featured a custom 30-ft trailer, outfitted to simulate a rustic lake cabin. Trailer interior and exteriors were finished with rough-cut wood planks detailed with burnt and etched decorative branding and brushed aluminum accents. Custom serving windows were designed to simulate cabin windows with decorative flower boxes.

The interior walls were finished with creative artifacts, industrial art décor, sporting goods like kayak paddles, distressed wood shelves that displayed photos, and custom branding accents. Turtle Transit cut triangular skylight windows into the ceiling, allowing natural light into the trailer. Other focal points inside the trailer included a custom distressed wood bar that included a camping lantern display, a double-door entryway with carabiner accents, and an instaprint station for social media sharing.

The exterior also featured custom fabric canopies that anchored off the trailer to create outdoor lounge areas for customers to hang out and relax. The brand hosted outdoor activities and sporting workshops at the REI Village while distributing a variety of free snacks, drinks, and giveaways to REI members and new potential customers attending the local events.


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