Boston Red Sox Virtual Reality Dugout


Launch the first virtual reality experience inside historic Fenway Park.


B2C, Outdoor Exhibits, Sports Marketing

The Boston Red Sox called on Turtle Transit to design and build out their first virtual reality experience inside Fenway Park. The high-tech experiential installation is a modular replica of the players’ dugout and is showcased as part of the kid’s concourse at the park.

Turtle Transit constructed the modular structure using authentic materials such as the park’s iconic red leather seating and patented Fenway Green paint; along with real padded fencing, equipment displays, and a large HD monitor that streams media about the VR experience and other Red Sox content.

The virtual reality dugout featured five headsets that give fans a two-minute VR experience showing scenes of batting practices, pitcher’s mound sessions from up close with the viewer “standing” in the batters’ box and a viewpoint behind infielders as they take ground balls, among other content.

The primary objective behind the VR dugout was to create an activation that cohesively reflects the Red Sox brand and Fenway Park through a futuristic experience inside a physical event footprint.


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