Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Food Truck


Launch the first-ever Wienermobile food truck for Oscar Mayer’s 75th anniversary.


Marketing Vehicles, Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

Turtle Transit was challenged to design the first-ever, special edition Wienermobile Food Truck for the 75th anniversary of Oscar Mayer. The 30-ft Wienermobile food truck featured a full-size commercial kitchen for grilling hot dogs and a hand-sculpted rooftop hot dog that finished the truck at a height over 12-ft. 

Oscar Mayer partnered with Tyler Florence, Food Network Chef and host of “The Great Food Truck Race,” to unveil the truck live on “Fox and Friends.” Hundreds gathered in Times Square for a chance to see the Wienermobile Food Truck, and sample an OM Selects Beef Frank prepared with special toppings created by Tyler Florence. 

To help continue the Oscar Mayer “Good Mood Mission,” Tyler Florence and Oscar Mayer donated $50,000 to Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger-relief organization.


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