Mountain Dew Purple Thunder Tour


Refresh an existing sampling trailer and create photo ops and games for new product campaign


Custom Trailers, Photo Ops and Gaming, Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

As Mountain Dew was preparing to launch its new, mouthwatering berry-flavored, Purple Thunder, with a mobile marketing brand activation campaign in collaboration with Circle K, it turned to Turtle Transit to help.

We stripped down a trailer we had previously fabricated from the ground up, and repurposed it for the new Mountain Dew campaign. The trailer is towed with a Turtle-leased pick-up truck, which is also wrapped for full effect.

In addition to a vibrant and eye-catching wrap, the trailer includes a sampling window that pops-up for serving the new soda. We also built a fun photo op stand, branded as part of the whole experience, which included banners and games for fan engagement.

Learn where Mountain Dew Purple Thunder will be the summer of 2023 in this press release.


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