TSA Precheck Enrollment Centers


Create four mobile enrollment centers for TSA Precheck


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To make enrollment in TSA Precheck easier for Americans, the agency approached Turtle Transit to develop four mobile enrollment centers.

TSA leased four RVs from Turtle, and fabricated from scratch sleek mobile centers, with waiting areas and two offices, which were fully enclosed and soundproofed for privacy.

Each is fully equipped with HVAC and powered through micro-quiet generators. Given the U.S. government’s security concerns, the power needed a “clean signal,” so we adapted a system to provide the power necessary to the government-issued computers securely.

Since we first worked with TSA, and as the technology has been streamlined, we have downscaled the RVs to box trucks. Each still holds two private offices, but the computer systems have been replaced with tablets.

You can find the TSA Precheck vans popping-up at airports, as well as various public events, from concerts, sporting events, other places people gather.

We are pleased to see that the vehicles we produced for TSA Pre-check has been picked up in several news stories.




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