Mike’s Hard Lemonade Stand


Rebuild and rebrand a previously used container for Mike's Hard Lemonade


B2C, Custom Displays, Outdoor Exhibits, Photo Ops and Gaming, Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

Sometimes new clients come to us to help extend the life of a marketing program. We can rebuild, refurbish, refresh, and reband for various clients. 

When Mike’s Hard Lemonade wanted a new look, we gutted a container they had already been using, and rebuilt it to their new brand design standards. We gutted the container and rebuilt the program from scratch. 

Inside the container, we rewired the electrical system, bringing in large monitors, new lighting fixtures, and HVAC. We built in refrigeration to keep the product cold, and bars for sampling. With stairs winding up the side of the trailer, we rebuilt the roofdeck, creating a garden-like effect. 

We fabricated a large lemon sculpture that serves as a bench. The bright yellow container stood out, attracting fans at concerts and other events.


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