King Arthur Flour Custom Bake Truck


Build a custom food truck and travel to communities across the country to share the joy of baking at fairs, festivals, and schools


Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

To share the love and joy of baking, Vermont-based King Arthur Flour tasked Turtle Transit to design a unique mobile marketing bake truck to support their community efforts. With a stellar brand team that’s driven to bake, the purpose of the bake truck is to visit fairs, festivals, and point-of-retail stores like Whole Foods, and serve yummy baked goods to the community.

The custom bake truck also makes stops at schools to promote the brand’s Bake for Good Kids program, where children learn that baking bread is fun and sharing bread with those in need is really a good thing.

To create a truly authentic bake truck, we developed eye-catching focal points for the exterior of the vehicle – including an oversized sculpted spatula on the rooftop and rolling pin mounted onto the front bumper of the truck.

The interior of the truck was outfitted with a full-size commercial kitchen that included convection ovens, heavy-duty food mixer, refrigeration, freezer, and a bin system to organize a variety of baking ingredients.

As part of their sponsorship initiatives, King Arthur Flour hosts baking contests for local bakers to enter their sweets to be judged for a number of exciting prizes. Learn more about the Bake Truck on King Arthur Flour’s website.


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