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Create a sampling trailer with engaging lounging spaces to market a new sparkling probiotic lemonade


Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

When KeVita was planning its marketing around the launch of a new sparkling probiotic lemonade, they wanted a mobile trailer from which to give out samples, but which also created a lounge space where consumers could hang out and sample the product.

We worked with their agency to realize that goal through a 35’ mobile lemonade stand, using a bumper-tow trailer with an upper deck lounge area. The roof deck lounge included comfortable chairs and umbrellas for shade.

The roof signage was an integrated part of the railing system, thus conserving space.

On the ground level, a large side window was cut out to create a flip-up awning, which enabled space for serving. A flip-up door provided access to the upper deck lounge. The rear door also swung up to become an awning.

The trailer included large and small bottle pump dispensers and taps for serving the various KeVita juices.

The project was challenging in several ways, including ensuring that the frame could support the side openings and that the trailer could support a number of people on the roof. Finally, the mobile marketing trailer needed to be able to be parked and set up in under an hour, which we achieved!


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