KEA Breath Alcohol Technology Exhibit


Develop an experiential trailer that showcases various breathalyzer technologies at trade shows


B2B, Custom Trailers, Indoor Exhibits, Trade Shows and Exhibits

KEA provides services and solutions to the transportation industry, with a particular focus on blood alcohol testing equipment. KEA develops Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices (BAIIDs), used to combat alcohol impaired driving. 

When they were looking for an effective exhibit space for interactive demonstrations of its breathalyzer equipment at conferences and other trade events, KEA turned to Turtle Transit. We developed a sleek trailer that fully opened up on the side, to create a space that people could enter to learn more about the program. Inside the trailer, two monitors show key aspects of the program, while six stations display various models of the technology. A bench, crafted from car seats, enable audiences to linger and learn more.

The rear of the trailer flips down to reveal tracks that enable a car to roll down to the ground. The car is one we gutted and rebuilt so audiences can comfortably sit in the car and test the technology in real time.

KEA’s trailer has traveled to trade shows as well as STEM fairs where students and parents can learn firsthand from the data analysts, engineers, and technicians behind the technology. 


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