Jolly Time News


Develop a "news" van and kiosk as a component of Jolly Time Popcorn's experiential marketing strategy


B2C, Graphic Wraps, Photo Ops and Gaming, Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

Jolly Time Popcorn created headlines with this Jolly Time News van, building on its happy news experiential marketing theme.

We built out the van, including a satellite dish on the roof, which was mounted on a pneumatic lift so it could be raised when the truck was parked. An awning rolled out to cover the side window and display tables.

The kiosk was built to resemble a news stand, which held samples as well as a popcorn machine. The experiential marketing was completed with a news backdrop screen for interviews and photo ops. The kiosk and materials could all easily be loaded into the truck when it travelled around the country.


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