Honest Tea Mobile Tea Garden


Create a mobile marketing trailer that not only provided samples of Honest Tea’s products, but engaged audiences around the history of how tea is grown around the world.


B2C, Custom Displays, Custom Trailers, Graphic Wraps, Marketing Vehicles, Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

Honest Tea’s “Mobile Tea Garden” brought tea – and education about tea – to people in key cities around the country. The trailer we built for their team was designed both to serve samples of the organic bottled tea, as well as inform audiences about how the tea used in Honest Tea products is sustainably grown. 

The beautifully designed interior is a crisp white with various photographs and graphics to educate, as well as shelves and baskets to hold products being promoted. The side of the trailer pulled up to create a serving window. We also built branded display tables for serving and external promotion. A side lounge area with a carpet and comfortable chairs finished off the display area.


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