Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen Mobile Exhibit


Create an interactive mobile exhibit to promote Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen series at the DIRECTV Super Fan Festival


B2C, Custom Displays, Custom Trailers, Outdoor Exhibits

At DIRECTV’s Super Fan Festival leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, LeadDog Marketing Partners tasked Turtle Transit to build out an interactive mobile exhibit for the popular Food Network series, Cutthroat Kitchen. The outdoor exhibit was built to replicate a larger-than-life briefcase, inspired by TV host Alton Brown’s briefcase full of cash featured on the show. The giant briefcase was transformed into a fully functioning cash cube, which showcased thousands of Alton Brown bills worth special prizes for those lucky to participate in the Cash Catch activation.

Each consumer selected to enter the giant briefcase had the chance to win up to $100 of flying cash in 30 seconds while battling a challenge from spinning the “Sabotage” Wheel, such as wearing lobster claws, eye patches, and football gear.
The lucky consumer to collect the most cash won two VIP tickets to DIRECTV’s Super Saturday Night party and concert featuring Rihanna. Turtle Transit manufactured the outdoor exhibit to be lightweight and modular. The structure of the exhibit
featured large-scale glass windows to drive participation and engage attendee passersby at the festival. The interior was engineered with a fully electric system designed to power underfloor exhaust fans that blew the Alton Brown bills inside
the briefcase at high variable speeds. An overhead countdown clock above the briefcase displayed the participant’s time so that festival attendees could observe the cash cube activation from afar.


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