Dunkin Donuts Coffee Sampling Fleet


Launch a national sampling program to increase trial of Dunkin Donut hot and iced coffee products


B2C, Mobile Fleets, Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

Dunkin Donuts wanted a nimble, compact fleet of vehicles that could activate a guerrilla marketing campaign to create awareness and drive trial for their variety of flavorful coffees. Turtle Transit worked with Dunkin brand to craft a fleet of 17 sampling vehicles to interact with consumers nationally. Turtle hand-sculpted giant coffee cups that were built-out on the back of Toyota Yaris vehicles. The giant iced and hot coffee cups featured a sampling area with coffee cambros for serving. The vehicles were deployed across the country.

The fleet appeared at sporting events, fairs, festivals, and a variety of curbside point-of-sale areas. The vehicles traveled together to scale the size of an event space, or activated independently at multiple events simultaneously.


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