Coca-Cola Coke Cooler


Create a multi-city mobile tour to connect and engage with tailgating NASCAR fans while enhancing the race-day experience for fans at home


B2C, Custom Trailers, Graphic Wraps, Mobile Fleets, Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

To appeal to crowds at NASCAR and other sporting events, Coke’s marketing team turned to Turtle Transit to design and build trailers that evoke a vintage Coke cooler.

The sampling vehicles, which feature Coca-Cola on tap and slushy frozen Coke drinks, include a serving counter sculpted and air brushed to look like a block of ice. The iconic Coke logo is etched in Lexan. A sculpted 12’ bottle of coke was included to attract further attention to Coke’s marketing efforts.

We have built three of these giant cool(er) trailers for Coke.


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