Cabot Cruiser Cheese Truck


Cabot Cheese was looking for a memorable truck that would provide grilled cheeses at events


B2C, Graphic Wraps, Marketing Vehicles, Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

Vermont’s Cabot Cheese company was looking for a food truck that could cook-up delicious grilled cheeses at events, including festivals and amusement parks.

We customized the exterior of an 18’ step truck to evoke melted cheese, using a dimensional wrap—like a flame job, but for cheese. The truck was, naturally, also well branded with their logo.

Inside the food truck we included refrigeration and freezers, as well as hot plates and a full griddle, and a fire suppression system, just in case—all run on a 35,000KW generator. We also opened up the side of the truck to include a vending window for serving the delicious, hot sandwiches.

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