Ben & Jerry’s Flipped Out! Truck


Activate a summer sampling tour to create awareness and generate trial for Ben & Jerry’s first-ever personal sundae – Flipped Out!.


B2C, Graphic Wraps, Sampling Vehicles & Food Trucks

Turtle Transit was challenged with creating a one-of-a-kind sampling vehicle to promote Ben & Jerry’s Flipped Out!, an upside down treat with all the toppings on the bottom.

To play with the topsy-turvy idea, Turtle fabricated a custom truck cab and mounted it upside down onto a box truck. To help bring to life the optical illusion of a truck inverted onto another, Turtle applied graphics to the vehicle with upside down messaging and iconic cow illustrations. The interior of the truck was finished with ice cream freezers and stored rolling carts to transport and serve samples at grassroots events. Brand Ambassadors handed out coupons for free sundaes sold at participating retailers close by each event.

Over 60,000 samples of Flipped Out! were distributed to the public at events around the country.


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