Anheuser-Busch Bud Light SportChassis Fleet


Create a fleet of custom Bud Light trucks to engage consumers at large-scale events


B2C, Graphic Wraps, Marketing Vehicles, Mobile Fleets, Outdoor Exhibits, Photo Ops and Gaming

Turtle Transit transformed two (2) stylish P2 SportChassis Trucks into a head-turning 360-degree experience to engage consumers at large-scale events, concerts, PR initiatives, festivals, point-of-retail, and also serve as a hospitality command center for wholesalers, staff, and clients alike..

We produced custom bed covers to mount on the back of the trucks, and featured sleek 50-inch monitors for custom gaming, live TV, and Blu-ray playback. Directional all-weather speakers amplified audio from both sides of the vehicle, allowing for multiple interactives to take place simultaneously. High-end sound systems, In-Motion Satellite, and 13-ft H vibrant awnings for the exterior of the vehicle were among some of the exciting elements of the build-out. Turtle was also responsible for the creative development of the graphic wrap.


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