20/20 Onsite Optometry Mobile Vision Centers


Design and build a state-of-the-art mobile vision center to administer high-quality eye exams to professional offices as well as inner city schools.


B2B, Mobile Fleets, Retail Displays

To deliver high-quality and hassle-free eye exams to employees at their offices, 20/20 Onsite Optometry called on Turtle Transit to design and build a fleet of high-end mobile vision centers. 20/20 Onsite Optometry has revolutionized eye care by delivering convenient eye exams to offices; allowing companies to offer a valuable perk to their employees and enabling busy professionals to stay on top of an important aspect of their health.

From all stages of ideation, and engineering to fabrication, Turtle Transit supported the 20/20 Onsite Optometry roll-out with five cutting-edge RVs equipped with all the amenities of a modern optometry clinic. The sleek white gloss interior was finished with modern lighting, custom cabinetry, shale stone flooring, surround sound, lounge seating for consultation, high-end optical displays (with over 300 pairs of glasses onboard for trial), and a full-size examination room that featured state-of-the-art optometry equipment.

The custom mobile vision centers are also WiFi enabled to support a fast and convenient iPad patient check-in with no long waits or unnecessary paperwork. Turtle Transit also supported 20/20 Onsite with the design of the exterior graphic wraps for the RVs. Each Mobile Vision Center can be spotted with a unique wrap sporting its clever slogan – “It’s How Eye Care Rolls.”

2020 Onsite Optometry has successfully partnered with more than 450 corporate clients and has seen over 64,000 patients in Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago. In 2023, they expanded to providing services to inner-city schools. Read our blog on the 20/20 Onsite initiative.


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