5 Vehicle Ideas to Kickstart Your Mobile Tours in the “New Normal”

Sep 24, 2020

Our industry is evolving, and the rules are changing. Social distancing measures, contactless solutions, limits on gatherings. Strategy and preparation are the answers to success for being ready when business returns. Brands are eager and cautious. Welcome to the New Normal:

Greater personal space

  • Focused and targeted engagement
  • Recognize and respect the safety concerns of the individual
  • Refine the way our industry will measure success moving forward
  • Innovation is key

Over the last few months, Turtle Transit participated on daily zoom meetings and conference calls with our brand and agency partners. Our clients shared their thoughts and optimism for the future, and we listened. Most importantly, they called on Turtle Transit for our creativity and expertise on how to design buzz worthy mobile experiences in the new normal. If your audience can’t attend the event, why not bring the experience to them in a unique and memorable way.

After several roundtables, deep dives on industry trends, late nights, sketches and a few cocktails (just a few), our team is thrilled to present five unique vehicles experiences to get you back on the road and activating in the new normal. Our vehicle solutions are designed to effectively work in today’s changing environment and deliver the experience you asked us to create for your customers. Are you ready to get started and build your next mobile experience? Give us a call and let’s get started. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Leading the resurgence of drive-In movie style experiences on the rise, Turtle Transit created the LED Mobile Showcase. What makes this LED screen vehicle different from the rest? It comes equipped with a brilliant 14’ X 8’ sleek LED display that raises from the rooftop and features a hydraulic fold-down stage for live entertainment, musical artists, cooking demonstrations, home shows, product workshops, and more. There has never been a vehicle that can livestream content from an LED Display (up to 250 ft. away) and host talent on stage at the same time.

Are you looking to get creative and move your event to the parking lot? The multifunctional LED Mobile Showcase is the ultimate pivot to replace your cancelled events or live activations. Whether you want to get hyper local and stream a movie in the community, broadcast sporting events with live pre-game interviews from a stage, host a live cooking demo with a celebrity chef, or organize a unique product demonstration in high-traffic retail areas, Turtle Transit’s exclusive LED Mobile showcase provides a unique and immersive experience for your customers in the safety of their own vehicles.


Responding to the rise in popularity and convenience of drive-thrus and curbside pick-ups in the new normal, Turtle Transit created a series of small pod and cube trailers that can easily position your brand in areas where you can interact with your customers at lowrisk. Unlike other pods and drop trailers that are active on the road today, our new pick-up pods and curbside cubes are designed for your brand to have a safe engagement at eye-level with a customer from a moving vehicle.

As retailers begin to open at reduced capacity, brands are recognizing their stores have limited parking spaces for curbside
pick-ups and their drive-thrus are overloaded. Our mobile drive-thru experiences can be used as an extension to your brick and mortar to better serve your customers at locations you can expect to find them this summer and fall. Whether you want to distribute samples at the park, host a short product demonstration at retail locations, or simply want to create a small satellite store to scale up your curbside offerings, consider a pick-up pod or curbside cube as a unique destination to engage your target audience.


Food trucks have been a staple of mobile tours for their wide array of customization options and extreme versatility to engage
consumers where they live, work and shop. They can bring communities together and focus on areas that may normally go underserved.

While takeout and delivery services remain highly popular for families missing the full restaurant experience, specialty food trucks and vans are serving up unique menu options and products while consumers wait for restaurant to re-open.

Taking on expanded roles such as pick up points for prepared foods with local restaurants, bringing retail to the consumer, trialing new products for families that are cooking at home now more than ever, delivering meals to front line responders and essential workers, and many more.


Hyper-local is the new normal. Brands are looking to serve-up memorable experiences in targeted communities where their
customers live, grocery shop, exercise and play. It’s a fact that national events are cancelled for the remainder of the year, but
what hasn’t changed is your target audience still craving an experience offline. Shift away from your digital strategy and create a fun and memorable public relations experience in a neighborhood near you.

Are you looking for ways to spread joy and cheer in the community, create a news-worthy stunt for your missed product launch, or incorporate special deliveries as part of your cause marketing efforts? Consider creating a fleet of head-turning delivery trucks to bring your message directly to your customers in an unforgettable way. Need a solution to intercept shoppers at busy retail stores? Use a mobile stage to entertain people while waiting in busy lines or even turns heads with a buzz-worthy touchless exhibit to create awareness for your brand.


Many businesses that relied on tradeshows or live meetings to engage clients and meet with prospects face a variety of challenges in the new normal. A custom roadshow is a cost effective and responsible way to safely meet with your customers and keep your sales plan moving.

Turtle Transit’s turn-key B-2-B vehicle solutions include: fully customized trailers, RVs, buses, sleek vans and cutting-edge box
trucks, all designed to provide clients a memorable hands-on experience. You can mobilize your sales efforts, demo products,
educate your customers and meet with prospects to close deals. Control cost while eliminating the additional expenses, logistics and technical difficulties that come with a trade show or corporate meeting. Deliver a controlled environment solution to your clients, while respecting their social interaction and travel related concerns. Don’t let your sales plan fall flat. Turtle Transit will work with you to transform your brand into a cutting-edge roadshow or mobile meeting space.


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